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  1. thanx , icon corrected now, do you know the way to change the text , it just misleading "Gas Fuel" for charging station
  2. found that mp code for electric car charging points are 0x2FA1. but if i use this value, in map it only shows name of the place no icon. i check inside Language pack. i can see i con for electric charging station with name FUELEL1.bmp. why it not showing on map? when i try to add favorite and set type as electric charging station, it shows three types of fuel with name - fuel, gas fuel and gas fuel. 3rd one is without icon. how to correct this. ? device- galaxy note. SW - Geonet 9. but in windows phone can see the icon
  3. jayamini

    Список багов конвертора, мешающих конвертации в OSM

    i have problem in address file creation. how to enable address search
  4. if i use 448 , (CGMapToolPublic.exe Type = CountryTownsCgnet InFolder =% WORK_PATH% InFile =% DCM%) std file is not generating properly it just only 1kb file that's why i use 418 . 418 create proper std file with 77kb. is there any specific way to create std file ?
  5. HI when i creating cgnet file form mp i use below commands GeoConstructor.exe -mp:%MP% -subrouter:5 -scamax:%MAP_MAX_SCALE% -codepage:1251 -version:%dv% -uniqueid:88888 -lang:EN CGMapToolPublic.exe Type=CountryTownsCgnet InFolder=%WORK_PATH% InFile=%DCM% 7za a -tzip %DCM% %WORK_PATH%\%MAPID%.sdt CGMapToolPublic.exe Type=CrtCGNet InFile=%DCM% OutFolder=%WORK_PATH% after creating cgnet file i can see towns and villages as displaced (they moved away from actual location). i check in mp file but town in correct location. even load in to geoconstructor town shows in correct place. but after conversion its moving away. please see the position of 2 villages - "siyabalape" junction in Red and "waduwegama" in Green . first image shows in geoconstructor and second one shows in navigator. i am using constructor 418 version
  6. Hi , When converting mp to cg i can see this lines in log * warning: cannot find file C:\Users\jayamini\Documents\mp\TEST.MapList.txt * warning: address search: C:\Users\jayamini\Documents\mp\TEST.ist file created, but address file has empty names what is the meaning of this ? How can i find or create this TEST.MapList.txt file
  7. Hi can anyone re upload the "mp2bkm" . existing link is not working.
  8. Hi , While converting mp to DCM . below line found in log (Constructor_1.2.435_b ) * warning: 1 topological problem in the cell 260000BUILDS32334 * warning: 1 topological problem in the cell 260000BUILDS32332122 do i need to correct them? How ?
  9. ​oooops ! . tests is ok some how i will translate . but please put images and labels in english . else no way to understand
  10. How to create this kind of 3d roads , what are the properties need to set for this . specially in junctions