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  1.  found that mp code for electric car charging points are 0x2FA1. 

    but if i use this value, in map it only shows name of the place no icon. i check inside Language pack. i can see i con for electric charging station with name FUELEL1.bmp. why it not showing on map?

    when i try to add favorite and set type as electric charging station, it shows three types of fuel with name - fuel, gas fuel and gas fuel. 3rd one is without icon. 

    how to correct this. ?  

    device- galaxy note.

    SW - Geonet 9.



    but in windows phone can see the icon 



  2. Check .mp. You have not Do to map other areas or objects with the same names?
    Try to use the constructor 448.

    if i use 448 ,

    (CGMapToolPublic.exe Type = CountryTownsCgnet InFolder =% WORK_PATH% InFile =% DCM%std file is not generating  properly it just only 1kb file :( that's why i use 418 . 418 create proper std file with 77kb.


    is there any specific way to create std file ? 

  3. HI 

    when i creating cgnet file form mp i use below commands 

    GeoConstructor.exe -mp:%MP% -subrouter:5 -scamax:%MAP_MAX_SCALE% -codepage:1251 -version:%dv% -uniqueid:88888 -lang:EN

    CGMapToolPublic.exe Type=CountryTownsCgnet InFolder=%WORK_PATH% InFile=%DCM%

    7za a -tzip %DCM% %WORK_PATH%\%MAPID%.sdt

    CGMapToolPublic.exe Type=CrtCGNet InFile=%DCM% OutFolder=%WORK_PATH%


    after creating cgnet file i can see towns and villages as displaced (they moved away from actual location). i check in mp file but town in correct location. even load in to geoconstructor town shows in correct place. but after conversion its moving away. 




    please see the position of 2 villages - "siyabalape" junction in Red and "waduwegama" in Green . first image shows in geoconstructor and second one shows in navigator.

    i am using constructor 418 version


  4. I spread a help. He added markers for regional centers and district centers. And image how to find duplicate addresses. All that added katran1961 left  https://yadi.sk/d/7stOlFy9gZ7Me

    I added some more explanation that appeared in the branch.

    Added vidio instructions for working with scripts.

    ​Hi soldat,

    do you have English version of help. at lease videos. content can hardly translate  but videos cannot(labels and messages appear in video ) :) . 


  5. I do not understand !! Perhaps our colleague wants to know how to insert a picture in the card?

    The first thing would be advised to straighten the corners is a polygon.

    The second work since modelkoy. Not very nice to look at a map. The original building probably looks better than the picture. 


    And probably unsuccessfully selected object itself. This is a standard building. If you want to make a model, it should be visible on the map. Original. And it is very similar to the original.

    It is desirable that the model is close to the road and immediately catches the eye. Since it carries with it not only a beautiful picture, but also a kind of landmark on the map.

    And how to write our colleague Michael, the file name with the models must be the same as the name of the card.

    You can make pictures or video. how the process of converting a file of *******. dc3


    And yet see for yourself that you have turned on the card   tampines.dc3

    ​thank you :) finally it works. i use this building just for test and learning. now going to create  proper building with details. thank you every one

  6.  So can understand?


    marker landfill  CGModel = [name of the picture]

    such a marker is placed polygons that have 3D picture

    without this marker polygon on the map looks like this:


    the creation of such models and further work with them in a map, click here: http://forum.micro-gis.com/viewtopic.php?f=25&t=44



    I have create test map for my city (tampines - Singapore ) and i follow steps in this thread and http://forum.micro-gis.com/viewtopic.php?f=25&t=44&sid=533b0bcb0228dce9b5fa7af8eff8539c 

    i made one 3d model - biding and cgmap but model  not show in map :( . can you advice what is wrong 

    ; WayID = 85560061
    ; building = yes
    StreetDesc=Tampines Street 41

    i tried with 401 building in attached map (N1°21.4257' E103°56.7075')  

     2015-03-23-23-08-57.thumb.png.628d08712f Models.dc3 tampines.mp 401.cgm.zip tampines.dcmCapture.thumb.PNG.7156644dd2bf263f838643Capture1.thumb.PNG.b938d94f812933316dbc5






  7. Hospitals, institutions, and shopping I stamped storeys. Just prescribe dop.atributy

    Non-residential building Type = 0x13
    Facade- # S8SIS8
    Krysha- # 808080
    Hospital Type = oxb
    Facade- # F5DEB3
    Krysha- # FFA07A
    Residential building Type = Ox6c
    Facade- # 92ADC3
    Kryshy- # BFB5B5
    Shops Type = ox8
    Facade- # FFFF01
    Krysha- # FFC001
    Institutions Type = 0xa
    Facade- # 66CDAA
    Kryshi- # 008FFF
    Because of this polish and remade. When a new polish out "peanuts" compared and am submitting my edits. Well, something like this. Though of course it is possible and in the constructor correct, but it is longer. In the HELP described as even video there.


    Как скачать PolishConverter_sold0309.rar  ? 

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