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Why does automotive map updates take hours to install?

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Hey !!!

Try using GARMIN EXPRESS UPDATER. I have been using GPS devices for a long time, whenever I go to places either it's a mountain trek, forest camp, or a road trip. Am always accompanied with garmin connect mobile app. The Garmin express experts not only helped me in updating the maps but also assisted me in other troubleshoot problems I faced. All my queries are resolved with a fruitful solution in no time whenever I faced any issue with my GPS device. It helped me a lot and will help you too. Do try to check out by yourself.

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@svlad2012это гарминовский трехсуточный аутэйдж выбрасывает наружу избытки информации :)

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Не, это точно Mole hole. Пересечение миров, так сказать. Мир СГ, мир Garmin и мир, связанный как-то с бабами-мазохистками (устройство - Baba):D  А  главный у баб - избивающий их Моисей (Babatunde Moses)

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